About Us

About Us

PLECTRUM benefits from the knowledge and expertise that comes with over 10 years’ experience in the MEP market.

PLECTRUM was created with the sole purpose of supplying quality products at an affordable price to Main Contractors, MEP contractors, Facility Management and End Users throughout the UAE.


With a growing reputation for quality and reliability, PLECTRUM is now an established brand providing our customers with a trusted alternative to premium-priced products and a margin opportunity that is one of the most attractive in the market.

Our commitment to setting the highest standards in all areas of our business means, if you’re looking for quality, service, delivery and choice — you’ll find it’s all at PLECTRUM.

As a business, quality is part of our culture – not just a marketing claim. It’s something we take very seriously and why our own product development team search far and wide for products that meet our existing standards.

Whatever you need, you can rest assured that if it comes from PLECTRUM it has been designed and manufactured to deliver optimum performance and is accredited with the necessary approvals.


Providing excellent service is a difficult claim to quantify but one thing we know for certain is that service depends entirely on the people we employ and the systems they use.

That’s why we’ve invested in both.

As well as expanding our customer service and support team, we have also developed our own bespoke stock management and ordering system.

We now control all our product lines, pricing information, customer discount structures, and stock availability – all at the touch of a button.

This means you don’t need to know the exact product code or specification to get the right product, simply tell us the application and we’ll do the rest.


One thing all our customers agree on is the need to have product in stock when their customers need it. At PLECTRUM we operate a dynamic stocking policy, which ensures an average of 90% availability.

By minimizing stock-outs we can help you keep your promises to clients.

We know that time is money, and when a priority project depends on a part you can trust PLECTRUM to deliver. 


From a single brass gate valve, our product range has grown to include everything from butterfly valves to balancing valves, diaphragm valves to solenoid valves and a range of materials including brass, bronze and cast iron. The launch of our NEW range of commissioning valves means we can now supply a complete building services valve solution making it easier for our customers to get everything they need all under one roof from PLECTRUM.

With such as extensive range and comprehensive options package, the next time you need valves and fittings the simplest choice you can make is to choose PLECTRUM.

For further information email: info@plectrum-an.com

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